Backpack Combo AT-Digital MFH

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Backpack Combo AT-Digital MFH

Heavy duty and water resistant 40 liters rucksack features two (one larger and one thinner) compartments with covered, sturdy 2-way zippers. Additionally the main compartment has an internal fixing and compression web strap system, and a pocket for a hydro pack.
Moreover the Backpack goes with one front pocket with diagonal zipper for easy access, three external magazine pouches with flaps and quick release buckles, as well as one external small kit pouch with flap and quick release buckle and Velcro.
On the top of the rucksack there are two heavy duty quick release fasteners for securing top flap/lid, a strong carrying handle and three passages to the main compartment for a drinking tube or earphones (two of them are covered with Velcro patches while the central one - by elasticated and thick nylon patch). Fully adjustable in length padded shoulder straps are about 7cm wide and go with a chest strap (with a quick release buckle). Moreover the pack goes with a padded back and an adjustable, approx. 5cm wide, partially padded waist strap opened with a large quick release fastener.
The pack gives a possibility to attached additional equipment through a number of robust nylon loops on the top, sewn-in webbing on the front and the bottom, and D-rings on shoulder straps. Furthermore there are also two hidden nylon straps placed on both sides at the bottom part of the rucksack for attachment of sleeping bag.

The pack offers a great amount of carrying space and is perfect for military as well as camping and hiking.

Adjustable, padded shoulder straps
adjustable, detachable chest- and waist straps
padded back part
1 top carrying handle
1 large main compartment with 2-way zip
and slide-in compartment for hydration system
as well as 3 fastening and compression straps,
3 passages to the main compartment for
drinking tube, 2 of them with velcro lid
1 small main compartment with 2-way zip
and attached front pocket with diagonally
running zip
2 lateral patch pockets with flap and
click closure apiece
2 small side pockets outside with velcro
and integrated fastening straps with velcro
for e.g. sleeping bag and equipment
various loops and fastening options
Capacity: up to 40 l
Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 22 (W x H x D)
Weight: 1,9 kg

Material: 100 % Polyester

MFH (Max Fuchs)

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