Recom Σκηνή 1 Ατόμου Παραλλαγής Mil-Tec

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Recom Σκηνή 1 Ατόμου Παραλλαγής Mil-Tec

A light (2.400 g) tent for 1 person Recom with a wide entrance that protects the user from unfavourable weather. The tent is also an additional place for storing the equipment. It is made of the thick, wind- and water-repellent Oxford polyester weave. The groundsheet does not let the humidity from the ground through and the high edge protects the tent from being flooded during heavy rain. The frame consists of 3 roll bars that are crossed in 3 places, which makes a very solid construction, resistant to gales, rain and storms. The bedroom is equipped with 2 hidden extractor fans that guarantee the air flow and a mosquito net that protects from insects. The tent can be opened and closed both from inside and outside. Recom model is a perfect solution for a camping, hunting or a camp. Dedicated to people seeking for a tent that is easy and quick to put up.

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1 man tent in compact form, secure against wind and storm
Zipper in entrance area enables a comfortable access
Put down possibility for equipment in the anteroom
Extractor fan on the right and on the left
Mosquito net at the entrance

Flysheet: 100% Polyester, Polyurethane coated
head of water: 1.000 mm
Inner tent: 100% Polyester, Polyurethane coated
head of water: 800 mm
Groundsheet: 100% Polyester (Oxford), Polyurethane coated
head of water: 2.000 mm
Frame: Fiberglass
Transportation bag: 100% Polyester

Number of persons: 1
Dimensions: 240 x 135 x 85 cm
Pack size: 55 x 11,5 x 11,5 cm
Tent poles large: 3,3 m
Tent poles small: 2,57 m
Weight: 2.400 g


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